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I’m Jonathan Green.

I’ve written dozens of bestselling books on Amazon, and I’ve made a name as one of the web’s most prolific authors and ghostwriters.

​But today, I’d like to give you a challenge: focus for five days, and learn from over ​twenty of the most creative, inspirational (and successful) names in the online world.

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  • You’ll learn EVERYTHING there is to know about copywriting in the “attention economy” so you can get better exposure with any ad budget.

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  • Balancing work, home, and family life so that you can ​do ​BIG things while enjoying the biggest parts of your world.

​And That Isn't All.

​You’ll be INSPIRED by the stories of people who’ve made it from unlikely circumstances. Our speakers are single mothers, immigrants, high school dropouts and people from every possible walk of life.

You’ll get the tools to totally dominate any aspect of the digital marketing world, featuring some of the most head-spinning success stories in direct response copywriting, Amazon FBA, Facebook ads, solo ads, email marketing, social media, and much, much more.

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll see these folks give you the real skinny. Because we gave each and every speaker a challenge: not to deliver a webinar or an infomercial, but to lay everything out, at their most candid and their most “no holds barred”.

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- Jonathan Green